Microsoft announced End-of-Support for Windows 8.1

Microsoft® Windows 8.1
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July 22, 2022


Microsoft has announced that its Windows 8.1 will reach End-of-Support by January 10, 2023. According to Microsoft, after this date, Microsoft will no longer provide updates of any kind to the OS in question, leaving devices (and the networks they may be a part of) vulnerable.

Description & Consequence

End-of-support refers to when a company discontinues support for a product or service. This is common especially when a company releases a new version and discontinues support for previous versions. According to its lifecycle page, "on January 10, 2023, Windows 8.1 will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or online technical content updates."

This marks the end of an operating system that was released in 2013 as a major update to Microsoft's touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system.

The following Windows 8.1 editions will be affected:

  1. Enterprise
  2. Enterprise N
  3. N
  4. Pro with Media Centre
  5. Professional
  6. Professional N
  7. SL

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 apps will no longer be supported on Windows 8.1 because they do not meet the system requirements.

The continued use of an operating system after it has reached End-of-Support leaves one vulnerable to attacks because the vendor no longer provides security updates or bug fixes. Lack of support will also have a negative impact on reliability, making the operating system more prone to failure and downtime.


If you or your organisation are still using Windows 8.1, it is time for a transition. Options may include the following:

  1. Upgrade to Windows 11 -- Microsoft’s latest OS -- if your devices meet up with its strict hardware requirements.
  2. If your hardware does not meet up with the technical requirements for Windows 11, then upgrade to Windows 10 which will be supported until 2025.



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